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Locations   Plainview, NY  |  Valley Stream, NY   |  Northport, NY  |  Somers, NY

All lessons and events are structured to meet the strengths and abilities of the individual student. Proprietary training devices and techniques are used to assist in an effective and efficient learning process.

Our program is progressive to help students build their skills and confidence at their own pace. We start training off of the bicycle to build strategies and skills in safety, balance and control. We then work in stages by introducing concepts on the bicycle. Once each stage is mastered, we progress through the basic and advanced riding skills. This comprehensive, progressive and unique approach improves mastery of lesson material and reduces fear and stress along the way.

We always keep a positive, patient and productive learning environment. A focus on safety and control is always maintained so students can build confidence, reduce their fears and help prevent injury. Within a short time, students are able to connect with the process and become effective bicycle riders! With smiles!

Our successful, proven and unique system is available for kids and adults. Lessons are also available to those students with
special needs. All lessons take place in our local service areas or at your home or site. The lesson site must be authorized for our use,  free of hazards, traffic-free, smooth and as flat as possible. Students are able to use their own bicycles or ours (included with lessons). Helmets must be provided by the student for use during lessons.


FAQ's for kids


Professor Pedals is the leader in professional cycling education services. We teach bicycle riding to kids and adults. We offer private lessons with a very unique learning system. Lessons are positive, safe and fun with amazing outcomes. Most students are fully trained in just 1-3 lessons. Bicycles are included for use during all lessons.