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Custom bicycle license plates is always an event favorite. It is a great creative activity for participants of all ages. The license plates also serve as a safety tool offering a field for entering an emergency contact. Participants can use our art supplies to design their own masterpiece! The license plates are finished on site for immediate take-home with with a laminate coating and mounting holes.
Tables, materials, signage and supplies are all provided. Electricity source is required at the event site.

Kick scooter riding is an exciting activity for students of all ages. It also is a solid foundation for future bicycle riding education.

Included with each scooter workshop are the use of our full setup of 12 kick scooters, safety helmets (head covers provided), safety padding and our unique mobile scooter rink. We teach entry level scooter riding and offer riding for those with riding skills. Our Trainers work to control traffic and inspire students to participate, have fun and maintain a safe riding environment.

Up to 12 participants can ride at one time. Recommended dimensions are approximately 20' X 50'. The area should be smooth, flat and free of traffic. The program can be modified for smaller areas.

NOTE: Group events are organized by our customer, not us. See private lessons.

Professor Pedals is proud to provide memorable programming for your event. Based on your event needs, space and interests, we can create fun and educational experiences for you and your guests.

Create an exciting and rewarding group riding event. Bicycle and scooter riding programs are a great way to provide a fun and valuable skill to your attendees. Bicycle License Plate Workshops are always a big hit!

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Special Ed Group Events: Social Story



Our group riding events are an exciting way to teach students of all ages. They can inspire and motivate each other to create success. Our Trainers offer a progressive program to empower and motivate riders of all levels and abilities. Students bring their positive attitude, a bicycle, helmet and Trainer (parent or caregiver).

We facilitate the event to teach the students and their own Trainers the skills to become great bicycle riders. For those that do not complete training, practice after the event continues independently to expand the students riding skills.

Basic adjustments to bicycles can be made for 20 minutes prior start of the event. These services are limited to seat adjustments, tire inflating and handlebar adjustments.Space requirements based on number of attendees. Recommended dimensions for 20-30 students is approximately 50' X 100'. The area should be smooth, flat and free of traffic. The program can be modified for smaller areas.