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Locations   Plainview, NY  |  Valley Stream, NY   |  Northport, NY  |  Somers, NY

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Join the leader in cycling education.

Will you pedal with us?


Working at Professor Pedals
Work independently in your local service area teaching kids and adults how to ride bicycles in our unique way.

You’ll be fully trained in our progressive and proven education system.
    •    Rewarding!   Great income potential
    •    Flexible!   Work in conjunction with other responsibilities
    •    It’s fun!   Positive and exciting service that helps kids and adults succeed
    •    Work independently!   Flexible hours and management
    •    You’ll smile!   Share in the achievements and success of your students

Who we're looking for
Being a small and fast growing company, we look for empowered individuals who are indepedent thinkers and can motivate students and drive the business. We need the best and brightest to pedal with us and contribute to our growing success. Most importantly, we need honest people who maintain a positive and patient attitude and enjoy working outdoors!

Let’s connect and pedal into your area!  

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